Erne Sale & Purchase Ltd.

The company founded in 2006 and it's 100% successor of SPFC Ltd.

Our main niche is sea-river vessel types. Erne S&P take leading position in S&P market river-sea vessel in Russia/CIS/Turkey. Erne S&P take also institutional efforts. As from 2009 we are invited in most known Russian conferences as lecturers. We are constant sponsors of Shipbrokers Conference in NOVO as from 2007. We might be fount in Odessa, Novo, Neva and other Russian forums and conferences.

We are BIMCO members as from 2011.

The Company working only directly with shipowners. Our aim is customer satisfaction, transparent deals with high professional excellence. We used to offer augmented services as well.

As from 2010 we also involved in SCRAP (Demolition) business. At the moment we are quite strong in Aliaga, Turkey.

During last six years Erne S&P have sold & participated in s&p deals as below:

Sold: m/v Sea Rey, m/v Volgobalt-173, m/v Ladoga-1, m/v Ladoga-9, m/v Marmara-Don, m/v Umba, m/v Sogra, m/v Laura, m/v Volgobalt-116, m/v Vyacheslav Shishkov, m/v Manfred Pauls, m/v Volgobalt-150, m/v Twin, m/v Almako-1, m/v Aras-1, m/v Aras III, m/v Marvel K, m/v Maria I, m/v Volgobalt-207, m/v Alexino, m/v Kotlas, m/v Volgobalt-196, m/v Action, m/v Pavel, m/v Victoria I, m/v Fotuna II, m/v Dubai Harmony, m/v Dubai Heritage, m/v Beam, m/v Dundas, m/v Decent, m/v Delvaro, m/v Ermak, m/v Sovetskaya Rodina, m/v Ataman Platov, m/v Mikhail Dudin, m/v Frost, m/v Kamyshin, m/v Ajaks-II, m/v Twin, m/v Richmond, m/v Naruksovo, m/v Volgo-Balt 115, m/v Y. Kostsyubinskiy, m/v V. Primakov, m/v Dalina, m/v Ariel, m/v Zodiac, m/v Volgo-don 240, m/v Arcadia, m/v Decent, m/v Orfeus, m/v Sailfree

Participated: m/v Sormovsky-111,m/v Ladoga-7, m/v V. Kojine, m/v Volgobalt-122, m/v Eugeny Pylaev, m/v Volgobalt-135, m/v Sormovskiy-123.

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